The construction of the first Fakulteta playground in the district has begun

The Sofia neighborhood "Fakulteta" will soon have its first playground.

On September 26, 2023, the construction works of the new site were officially launched in the presence of the Mayor of Sofia, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, as a major partner in the public-private project; as well as the Executive Director of the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, Mrs. Sarah Perrin.

About 3,000 children aged 0-14 live in the neighborhood, but there is still no outdoor space where they can play safely. Playgrounds have important benefits for all children, such as stimulating imagination, learning through play, developing social skills, but it is especially important that these benefits are accessible to the most vulnerable.

The Trust for Social Achievement Foundation committed to the initiative after receiving a 2021 private donation proposal from Gary McDougall, Co-Chairman of the

Board of Directors of the America for Bulgaria Foundation since its inception in June 2015.

Within the framework of the SOFIA PROGRAM CHOOSES THE GREEN 2022, Sofia Municipality provided additional funding; to make it possible to improve the entire space around the future playground,. The Trust for Social Achievement Foundation proposed the creation of the DVORA – a playground and a community place in the district of Tsarigradsko shose district, Fakulteta, Sofia. Sixty-five percent of the necessary funds for the project were provided by the program of Sofia

Municipality. The proposal was approved based on a vote by the citizens of Sofia, who ranked it fourth among thirty-eight proposals.

From the very beginning of the implementation, the local community was involved, and the children and parents had the opportunity to determine the design of the new space. All activities with the community were conducted in the MIR Center of the Health and Social Development Foundation, which will also be entrusted with the management of the future site.