Equal Chance: Access to High Education Project

October 2014: TSA launches Equal Chance: Access to Education Project

Equal Chance: Access to High Education project is a continuation of the high school scholarship program of America for Bulgaria Foundation as it is its fourth year. The project seeks to address low rates of high school enrollment of Roma and other low-income pupils in Bulgaria.  Currently, it is estimated that less than 50% of Roma in Bulgaria finish the 8th grade and less than 15% finish high school (secondary school).

The project addresses financial needs that often block participation in high school by providing textbooks and bus passes to high school students.  Students are selected by partnering NGOs based on their family income and circumstances, motivation to study, and need to travel to school outside the students’ hometown.  The expected results of the program are high school enrollment, higher rates of attendance, grade completion, and eventual graduation.

While being Roma is not a requirement, the expectation is that many of the program participants will be Roma given their economically disadvantaged status.