Program Areas

First Foundations Program

The First Foundations predetermine later educational and economic activity in society.

Early Learning and Care Program

Its main goals are to increase participation in early education among Roma children, and to improve children’s learning outcomes in literacy and socio-emotional development by supporting both parents and teachers.

Educational Achievement Program

A strong economy requires a strong work-force, and Bulgaria’s future development and growth depends upon its ability to prepare its citizens for work and for life. Serious gaps in educational outcomes harm both individuals as well as society as a whole. For this reason, TSA is supporting initiatives that increase educational achievements for disadvantaged pupils.

Family Economic Success

Employment is one of the most dignified and sustainable outcomes for individuals and families, which is why all of TSA’s programs are designed with this end goal in mind. To prepare individuals for the labor market, we start by considering how best to develop human capital – a cycle that starts in the child’s earliest years, continues with their transition to early learning, and culminates with their education and graduation. These efforts contribute toward an individual’s ability to generate income and to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Capacity Building Program

TSA invests time, energy, and resources into capacity building activities. This includes direct work with grantees; organization of thematic conferences, training events, and external speakers; creation and development of networks; and support to grantees and individuals to participate in external training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.