Еarly Childhood Development Program

Because the start of life sets the stage for later human development, TSA’s Early Childhood Development program focuses on a child’s earliest moments, giving particular attention to the first one thousand days of a child’s life, which play a critical role in the child’s development. This program emphasizes healthy parenting and increased participation in preschool. Investment in the first six years of a child’s development is proven to have a significant return in terms of education, economic development, and independence. That’s why TSA is working on the following areas:

  • Preventing teenage pregnancy;
  • Providing specialized support from nurses for first-time parents;
  • Improving nutrition habits during pregnancy and early childhood;
  • Increasing access to quality childcare services for children up to 6 years old by building capacity through partnerships with other organizations, institutions, and professionals
  • Developing social, emotional, and cognitive skills and increasing the number of children living in poverty who attend preschool and kindergarten programs