What Motivated Me to Finish School?

Hi, it’s Super Mom here, and today I’d like to tell you about this theme – “education and school.”

I’ll tell you what motivated me to finish my education. My main motivation was my mother. She is illiterate because she wasn’t able to go to school, and this makes her wish for me priceless. And I’m forever grateful to her for her support. There are many people who do not have the support of their parents to pursue their education. In my neighborhood, many of the kids want to be educated and this is wonderful, but it’s difficult for some of them to go to school because they live in poverty and don’t have any resources to study or even to go to school. There is a significant part of the population in the country which is illiterate, because there is no motivation or support for these students living in poverty to study, to read, and to learn.

Those who stay uneducated have few opportunities ahead and usually need to beg to survive. Many of them don’t know anything about our country, about our geography, about the rivers, lakes, or mountains that make Bulgaria unique. They are not familiar with the history of our land, with the tribes who formed the nation – the Thracians and the Slavs.

I had the chance to complete my high-school education and I am very positive that I want to support my daughter to graduate and be educated herself.