We help youth to find a job

“When your English teacher inspires you to gain knowledge so much that the thought of quitting doesn’t even occur to you, then you truly understand how much you can learn”, shares 21-year old Daniela Stoyanova. The girl is among the youths up to 29 years old which the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation supports in gaining knowledge and experience which will later benefit their personal and professional development. Our goal is to achieve accessible education and employment for all economically disadvantaged young people. Through the “Earning by Learning” project we support youths with career path consultations, soft skills courses, English courses and computer literacy. We are also the ones who guide and support young people in the whole process of searching for and filling in job applications.

Daniela joined the project this year and has been an active participant in its activities – she has now successfully completed her Level 1 English. Having gained new language skills and new friends, Daniela decided to enroll in Level 2 English which will start this month (and is also taking place through the “Earning by Learning” project).

Daniela was born in Burgas but she received her education in Plovdiv where she graduated from the Humanitarian High School. Most of her schoolmates enrolled in university after completing their secondary education. “They went on to study Law or other majors. When your parents can afford to pay for your education and cover other expenses without you having to work, it is an entirely different scenario”, shares Daniela. At that time, she was with her long-time boyfriend who she now lives with. “I couldn’t see myself distance-learning while working during the day. Also, being able to start a family was equally important to me”, the girl adds.

Daniela’s dream was to become a doctor. However, her top priority for now is to have a child as she has already lost one in a previous pregnancy. But she also hasn’t given up on her dream to go to college. She is currently working in a bicycle manufacturing factory in Plovdiv while taking part in various courses for acquiring different skills. “I decided to invest in myself while I still don’t have a child and prepare for the future. These skills will be of use when I decide to continue my education someday and, who knows, maybe I will find a better workplace. These are all possibilities”, says Daniela.

The project „Earning by Learning“  is realized with the financial support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. Both were created with the intention of reducing social and economic inequality in Europe.