We Give the Sun a Chance to Touch Everyone

For the second consecutive year the International Children’s Day celebration in the kindergarten “Ugarchin”, based in the Lovech region’s village of the same name, makes a step from the small stage of preschool institution in order to unite the public in Ugarchin. June 1 brought together parents, teachers, representatives of the municipal government and the Regional Educational Inspectorate – Lovech to the podium of the local community center.

The director of kindergarten “Ugarchin”, Ivanka Dimitrova, opened the festival, which this year was held under the slogan “We give everyone a chance to be touched by the sunshine.”

The varied performances included a concert of favorite childrens’ songs, poetry recital and dance performances of modern and folk compositions involving children of all ages. A total of 85 children are taking their first steps in education at “Ugarchin”, with 18 of them attending the establishment thanks to the Springboard for School Readiness project. They had a special place in this year’s festival – musical performance of “Fly kites”, “My Childhood”, “My Barbie Doll” and “We, the Children”.

The “poets” were also no less appealing. Their expressive recitals thrilled all parents, and some of them could not hold back tears of joy. What greater reward could a parent wish for?!

“Celebrations like this are the place where children and the people who determine their future meet. This is no mere preparation for an ordinary holiday. Here every child confidently holds their future in their hands. Today for them it is a song, poem, dance or any other skill. But this is the moment in which children from different social environments can prove that they too deserve to be educated on par with the rest,” says Ivanka Dimitrova, adding: “It is sad when we, the grown-ups, decide and pre-empt the future of the little ones who already know what they want. Since everything is in our hands, why not help those confident young people who just want the chance to attend kindergarten?”

The hour went in a flash for everyone present at the party! Happiest of all were the children who were excited to show all their colorful costumes and artistic skills. They were rewarded with loud and continuous applause from the enthusiastic audience and small gifts on the occasion from the Springboard for School Readiness team.

Svilen Andreev Association “Znanie”, Lovech