TSA's Project"A Step Towards Success" was launched on Feb. 2nd

On February 2nd US Ambassador, Hon. Eric Rubin, and the President of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, Ms. Nancy Schiller, wished success to the newly TSA’s  “A step Toward Success" project at a launching ceremony in Pazardzhik. Representatives of state and local bodies in the region, Governor Mrs. Ginche Karaminova and the Peshtera Mayor, Mr. Nikolay Zaychev personally expressed their support and willingness to cooperate on the proejct for English language learning. Guests and project partners – IGA Fund for Crime Prevention, Youth Foundation "Arete", CorPlus Foundation, and Proznanie EAD, visited the office of the Future Association in the Iztok nejbourhod, where they met with youth participating in project.

The need to know English is what young people highlighted as an important prerequisite for their own development. “A Step Toward Success" comes as a response to the needs of young girls and boys who lack resources and support for this extra language training. The training will cover a total of 200 disadvantaged youth, as 100 of them are from Pazardzhik, 25 from Peshtera, and 75 from across the country. Classes in English are scheduled to start at the beginning of the second semester this year and will continue to December 2018.

Event Program for Project Inforamciton