TSA partner expands his business

In 2019, the Trust for Social Alternative Foundation (TSA), in partnership with the company "Esteete" - Bulgaria,has been implementing TSA’s ENABLE program on the territory of Dobrich. The company is a subsidiary of the American "doTerra", established as a leading manufacturer and exporter of essential oils in Bulgaria.

Through the implementation of the Development and Career Program, TSA presents an innovative solution for companies and businesses to recruit, retain, and career development of employees / workers from economically vulnerable communities by providing financial support in the form of a financial voucher.

On 15 June 2019, in connection with the expansion of its business, the company opened a second distillery for essential oils, with its capacity doubled to 210 cubic meters. "Esteete" processes three kinds of oils: blue, yellow and resin (incense and myrrh) and sells ready-made products only to the parent company - doTERRA. The main raw materials come from Bulgaria - lavender, lemon balm, rosewood, , fennel, geranium The company imports from Somalia and Ethiopia incense and myrrh, from North America - a birch bark, from Hawaii - a sandalwood, with 50 new jobs with a total of 200 employees.