TSA hosted the first meeting of National Advisory Board for Nurse Family Partnership Program - Bulgaria

The first meeting of the National Advisory Board for TSA’s Nurse Family Partnership Program- Bulgaria (NFP) took place on July 26, 2016 in Sofia. Members of the National Advisory Board discussed related activities and the potential for quality implementation and integration of the NFP into Bulgaria’s health system.

The NFP was developed 38 years ago by an American Professor at the University of Denver, Dr. David Olds.  It targets young first-time mothers from underserved communities. Currently the program is being implemented in 9 countries around the world, including Australia, England, Canada, Norway, USA, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Bulgaria. The NFP licensor in Bulgaria is the TSA, and it is implemented with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. In essence, the program offers home visits to low-income, first-time mothers by nurses and midwives – a series of randomized control trials have proven that this is the most effective approach in improving mother and child health. The program has demonstrated the following outcomes:

improved prenatal health
improved pregnancy outcomes
reduction in injuries
greater intervals between births
increased maternal employment
improved school-readiness
Presently the NFP is in its preparatory phase in Bulgaria. This involves training and preparation of the implementation team, which includes two clinical leaders (a midwife and a neonatology consultant), 5 nurses and midwives, and 2 health mediators. The work with clients from the Roma “Fakulteta” neighborhood in Sofia will start in August 2016 in partnership with the Оbѕtеtrісѕ аnd Gуnесоlоgу Ноѕріtаl іn Ѕоfіа ІІ ЅАGВАL Ѕhеіnоvо. Our team of health professionals will offer support and necessary medical aid throughout the course of 64 home-visits, which will start during pregnancy and continue until the child reaches 2 years of age.