Lienherr Bulgaria meets students, internship opportunities

On June 21, 2021, 10 students from the Vocational School of Industrial Technology in Pazardzhik taking part in the project "First Steps for Professional Development" had the opportunity to visit the production base of one of the largest employers in the country - "Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa" and to learn more about the career opportunities the company offers. The young people, who come from different specialties such as "Heat engineering - heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration" and "Automated systems" got acquainted with the organization and production process in all 5 production departments of Liebherr. (1. Department of Metals, 2. Department of Plastics, 3. Department of Foaming, 4. Department of Final Assembly and 5. Department of Production of Elements). The students could observe in real time the processes of making doors and sides of refrigerators, preparing plastic parts, filling the housings of appliances and the processes of assembly and fitting. They were also introduced to the different types of machines in the departments, with an emphasis on the difference in their efficiency, and on the specificities of the different types of jobs and the required professional qualifications. The students also visited the Training Center to the company where they young people were learned about the different professional development opportunities offered by the company, including a one-year professional training offered to the employees holding the positions "Mechanic" or "Operator of machines and equipment". Details of the company's scholarship and internship programs were also presented. Through these initiatives, the company aims to attract young and motivated people who it could rely on in the long run. More information about the development opportunities at Liebherr can be found at:

The meeting ended with an assurance on the part of the hosts that all young people who want to work and develop professionally are welcome to the company, and that students’ individual progress depends on their efforts and motivation. On behalf of the whole team of the project "First Steps for Professional Development" we express special thanks to Mr. Grigor Endrev, Mr. Mac Drenski and Mrs. Maria Kirova who devoted part of their time to welcome the young people on the spot, as well as to the entire Liebherr team for their hospitality.