Students from the American University in Bulgaria Gathered to Commemorate International Roma Day

On April 5, five students from the American University in Bulgaria gathered in order to commemorate International Roma Day, which is celebrated on April 8. Ani Kovacheva, Elvira Sashova, Tsvetana Ilieva, Radko Mishev, and Mihail Mishev, all scholars of Trust for Social Achievement, a non-governmental organization that supports Roma education and the sponsor of the event, informed the students, staff, and faculty of AUBG about Roma history, culture, traditions, as well issues related to the Roma community.

The students designed multiple posters with additional information, which were presented in front of the Carl Djerassi theater in the Balkanski Academic Center building at the AUBG campus. Said posters will remain there until April 12. People of all ages attended, listening to the presentation held by the students, and stayed after the presentation to enjoy the snacks and drinks provided by the hosts of the event, and take a closer look at the graphics presented.

The historical part of the presentation, which involved information about the Roma during World War II and the approximately 500,000 Romani massacred during the Holocaust, touched the hearts of many in the audience, and was met with tears.

“We remember the activists that shaped our today as we strive for a better tomorrow. We need to remember. Because a community that is fully aware of its history and culture is more likely to look at the present and the future with confidence,” said Sashova.

The students shared the history behind the 8th of April as a date, as well as the language and the anthem of the Romani. Lastly, they presented three historically and culturally prominent figures of the Roma community - Usim Kerim, Bronislawa Wajs, and Alfreda Markowska.