Raiffeisen Bank Employees in Romania Spend a Day in Rural Kindergartens

OvidiuRo, Romania, Oct. 23, 2015:

In Romania thirty public figures and sixty Raiffeisen employees are spending a school-day in a rural classroom in October. This month-long project,organized in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank, funds the FCG programs in Brasov and Covasna that reach 750 children per year.  The volunteers interact with the children, read stories, dance, paint, and play with them.  Meanwhile they also learn about the reality of growing up poor in rural Romania and get a chance to talk with the teachers and meet with parents in their homes. Find more

On the 7th of October the Chamber of Deputies in Romania passed a bill promoting every child's right to participate in preschool and kindergarten. The bill finances, with about 39 million lei for 111 000 children, a national program to encourage 3-5 year old children living in poverty to regularly attend grădiniță. Based on OvidiuRo's highly successful model, parents living under the poverty line will receive food coupons worth 11 euros per month if their child attends preschool every day.