Medical Reform: Uninsured mothers will have more check ups

All uninsured mothers and their babies will be able to get better medical care. Starting January 1, 2023, uninsured pregnant women will have access to not one - as was previously the case - but as many as four checkups during their pregnancies. In addition, women will now be entitled to a full package of tests and two hospitalizations if needed. Through the corresponding changes, the Ordinance will ensure greater access to prenatal care for pregnant women, regardless of their insurance status; an effective system of prevention, screening, prophylaxis, early diagnosis and treatment; a reduction in the risk of complications during pregnancy; a reduction in the risk of prematurity and perinatal diseases; and a reduction in the national average maternal and infant mortality rate, through improvements in the quality of maternal and child health care.

The changes were adopted on the proposal of the initiative "Every baby is precious" of the project "We Care", funded by the "Trust for social alternative".

This is a huge success for the Every Baby is Precious initiative and for the TSA team. With the change in the Ordinance, potential risks such as infections, anemias, malformations or other health problems will be diagnosed in time. Birth will not be a risk to the life of the mother and child.

Over the past two years, Every Baby is Precious conducted a study that found that approximately 7,000 uninsured women give birth each year, and about 5,000 are not examined by a specialist or have the necessary tests. One of the main reasons for this is interrupted health insurance rights due to inability to pay for health insurance. The solution that the initiative proposed to the experts and partners from the government institutions is to ensure adequate access to prenatal care for every pregnant woman, regardless of her health insurance status. The campaign aimed to bring the situation of untraced pregnancies in Bulgaria to the attention of society and institutions and succeeded!

Thanks for the excellent joint work and congratulations for the great efforts of Largo Association, Thirst for Life - Sliven, National Network of Health Mediators and Club of Non-Profit Organizations - Targovishte.

Special thanks also for the efforts, hard work and support of all colleagues and supporters who backed the initiative until it succeeded!