Free legal consultations

“I find inspiration in my work, because the people I help look up to me,” shares Kamelia Mihailova from the village of Mihailovo in the Vratsa region.  She currently works as a senior specialist in the municipality of Khayredin and helps people find seasonal work or employment.

Still, she is worried that many are becoming increasingly disillusioned and disengaged. Fate is not always fair to the people she works with, and in truth it has not been kind to her either.  Kamelia lost her parents shortly before enrolling in the Legal Incubator.  They had supported her to continue her studies and were proud of her achievements.

Kamelia learned about the Legal Incubator from a friend.  At first, she was skeptical and hesitant to apply.  However, encouraged by her friends, she decided to try.  She is now educating herself about all sorts of legal topics and is grateful both for the knowledge as well as the new social connections. 

“The Legal Incubator taught me to believe in myself more, to be more proactive, and to intentionally seek a good environment where I can develop,” Kamelia explains. “Over time the Incubator has become a big family because over the years all of the participants have gotten closer.” 

A total of 42 people have participated in the Legal Incubator since its launch in 2020.  Participants are law students who have built on their knowledge while receiving valuable advice and guidance from respected lawyers and judges.  In exchange, the Incubator aims to engage participants in the provision of free advice to vulnerable people and those from poor communities who do not have access to legal aid. 

“This is how we can help each other,” says Kamelia as she recalls one of her most recent cases.  “A quarrel broke out between two young people living in a home for abandoned children, which resulted in a filed complaint. Thanks to advice that we were able to provide with my mentor at the Incubator, we managed to avoid a lawsuit,” she shares as she highlights again one of the many positive impacts of the Incubator.