Donate to Make a Dream Come True – Education For Elvira

Hello! My name is Elvira Sashova and I am 18 years old. I am currently completing my secondary education in my hometown Lom. Thanks to the Trust for Social Alternative, I had the opportunity to take a preparatory course for the TOEFL exam at the American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad. I took the exam with the highest possible points, and thanks to the people surrounding me, I did gain confidence to apply to the American University in Bulgaria. I got accepted and I chose to major in Journalism. I believe there is no better environment than AUBG for me to continue my academical development. Unfortunately the tuition at AUBG is higher than what my family can afford which is why I would like to show my gratitude to my anonymous donor who covered my tuition fees for the first year there. I believe that with your help, I will be able to provide the finances needed for my education for the remaining 3 years of my bachelor’s degree.

When I started school, I had to come face to face with the misconceptions and stereotypes that mainly consisted of most of us being uneducated or law breakers. You can imagine how difficult it was for me to adapt to this environment, but gradually I managed to overcome my insecurities, become more confident and get the respect I deserve. Unfortunately, I am one of the few Roma in my city who will continue their education in a higher education institution. It makes me feel sad, but at the same time it motivates me to keep developing and being an example to others. Despite all the difficulties I had to go through, I was able to „jump“ this ethnic barrier and maintain my excellent GPA all these years. In addition, in my spare time, I participated in various extracurricular activities, Olympiads and competitions related to my personal interests. I was a class representative chairman for 2 and treasurer for one. I see myself as an ambitious and purposeful person who aspires to be an active member of our community.

I would not hesitate to sacrifice my time and energy to cross my boundaries and achieve more and more every day. My future may still be unclear, but I’m sure of my intentions. What I am convinced of so far is that I want to be a role model for members of our ethnicity and to have a positive impact on them. I believe that with the right opportunities and experience, I will be able to achieve my goals.

The total amount required for Elvira is 43,887 euros over four years. Thanks to an anonymous donor and her GPA, thanks to which she won two scholarships, Elvira was left to raise €28,270

You can help Elvira make her dream come true by donating for her education in American University in Bulgaria, following the donate link - DONATE or spread the word and share this call.