COVID-19 Position Statement of European Organizations

“The science of early childhood development stresses that the first years are vital for a child’s development and well-being and throughout their entire life. Healthy growth and development require adequate nutrition, housing, access to healthcare, physical activity, early stimulation, and responsive caregiving to ensure the best start in life and prevent inequalities. Solid foundations early in life provide the basis for growth and development for all individuals and for societies”.

Recently a joint statement for prioritization of early childhood in the European COVID-19 response, was initiated by the following organizations: “Eurochild”, “International Step by Step Association”, “Roma Education Fund” and the “European Public Health Alliance” and shared by civil society organizations, incl. the „Trust for Social Achievement“ foundation.

This position statement underlines the impact of COVID-19 on child-wellbeing and calls for prioritizing early childhood in the European COVID-19 response. Interested organizations can endorse this statement by June 22nd here:

The full text of the position statement is available here: