Students from Code Success Project on a English Camp

30 youths had fun studying English for four days in Kranevo under the Code Success project. The students were aged 13 to 18 and came from all around the country in order to get to know each other better and to maintain their language skills.

Apart from summertime entertainment, three English teachers conducted intensive language classes. Most students had A1 and A2 levels of English language competence, but quite a few had progressed to reach a B2 level.

A summer and a winter camp, which children are eager for, are organized every year under the project. The itinerary was again quite varied. The students visited the Dolphinarium in Varna and the Sea Garden of the city. The itinerary also included a number of trips around Kranevo and Varna.

Code Success is an English language learning platform for youths up to 18 years of age and offers a standard, online and mixed training mode. All youths who attended the camp have already covered the first stage of the project, which entails more than 200 academic hours for two years devoted to intensive study of English. The major goal of the youths is to enhance their skills and to become more competitive on the labour market, thus increasing their chance of being employed.