Businesswoman in a Man`s World

Precisely when Sasha Kirilova was struggling with the loss of her father, life presented the 28-year-old with a gift.  

Growing up in the mountain town of Razlog, the young woman developed and managed several heavy goods transport businesses in the country and abroad. “I never imagined that I would be doing this. Both of my university degrees are related to public relations. I worked in the NGO sector and then in municipalities, gaining recognition and excellent recommendations, but I never felt like I had found my place,” says Sasha. She felt that she lacked the freedom and responsibility to make decisions. 

“My father was the best entrepreneur I’d ever known. I inherited this mindset from my father. He created my company from scratch,” shares the young woman. 
After seeking her professional calling in a variety of places, Sasha eventually decided to dedicate herself to the family business.  In the beginning, she only made deals for various international freight, while her father closely monitored the execution process. The business quickly grew – they managed to upgrade the company’s set of vehicles and hire more employees.

“Everything was going so smoothly, until one terrible day I received the unexpected news of my father’s death. This tragedy not only broke me as a person but also temporarily shut down the business for a few months,” shares Sasha. She even considered closing down the entire business.  
But with the difficult moment also came a new opportunity. Sasha learned about BASE (Business Academy for Starting Entrepreneurs.) Despite some hesitation, she decided to join the courses and rekindle her desire to work again. “I’ve always felt inspired when helping different companies to solve their transportation issues,” says the young woman.

“BASE reminded me of who I am and why I shouldn’t give up when the going gets tough. It taught me that the right time is today and now, not tomorrow.” 

Driven by a similar ambition to develop and gain new knowledge, TSA helped a total of 16 people to sign up and participate in BASE between 2021-2022, seven of whom also developed successful business plans. Another three have already started their own businesses thanks to the course and mentors, with one additional person expanding their existing business.  

Like any entrepreneur, Sasha does not plan to limit herself to what she has achieved so far, and she is already working to expand her company and team.