Bahtalo Nevo Bresh! Happy New Year!

Bahtalo o Vasilii! Bahtalo Nevo Bresh!
Students from Paisii Helendarski High School came to wish the TSA team a Happy New Year, in keeping with the tradition of Roma throughout Bulgaria to celebrate Bango Vassilii (St. Basil’s Day).  The students are part of the Amalipe’s project Every Student Can Be a Winner: Establishing Preconditions for Sustainable Change in the Education of Roma Children.

On January 14th every Roma family celebrates the New Year by gathering around a table with many dishes, amongst which roasted stuffed rooster or goose is a must, and children go door-to-door with ‘survaknitsa’ (a richly decorated cornel twig) and tap people’s backs to wish them a Happy New Year.  Daughters and sons ask for forgiveness from their elders at home.