A Bulgarian Champion

Becoming an athletic champion in Bulgaria after many years of self-doubt 

19-year-old Vanyo Evdokimov was attending the Financial and Economic Vocational High School “Vasil Levski” when his Physical Education teacher noticed his talent.  He saw that the boy was interested in sports and invited him to train in athletics. 

With the support of his family and his teachers, Vanyo started to train.

“My motivation is my family.  They support me in every decision I make and are by my side in both victories and losses. My girlfriend also helps me not to give up,” shares the young man. 

With self-discipline and encouragement, Vanyo became the Bulgarian champion for the 800m distance run. 

“My last competition was in Serbia – the Balkaniada.  It was the largest competition and the greatest challenge I’ve ever been in,” says the student, adding that his dream is to one day study at the National Sports Academy.  Perhaps also the Olympics.  “Making it to the Olympics sounds bold and maybe even a little far-fetched, but one has to believe in their dreams and to aim high,” the young man adds. 

Vanyo is one of the 1,700 children participating in the project, “Equal Chance – Access to Secondary Education” administered by the Trust for Social Achievement and implemented by partner organizations throughout Bulgaria, including Center Amalipe, which works with the school where Vanyo studies.

The project provides free textbooks and transportation to students facing financial hardship. Since its launch in 2012, more than 4,500 scholarships have been distributed.