We will go far, if we do it!

In this project, Association "Club Otvoreno Obshtestvo" Stara Zagora, a new grantee for TSA, will work with 120 8-9 year-old children, attending middle schools “Georgi Raichev” and “Hristo Smirnenski” and primary school “Georgi Bakalov” in Stara Zagora and middle school “Peyo Yavorov” in Chirpan, mostly Roma, to implement the methodology of “Learning with Joy”, developed by the grantee under a previous project in 2015-17. The project activities focus on linguistic and socio-emotional skills development through extracurricular sessions with trainers-psychologists, music classes, visits to cultural and historical sites, implementation of a "Happiness Day" tournament, and hosting "breakfast with the principal" events at the schools. The project activities will take place during the school year 2019/2020. The activities aim to stimulate joy among children, thus fostering positive attitudes towards learning, building resilience, trust in one's own abilities and prevention of drop-outs.