Initiative “Quality education for an equal start” 

The initiative “Quality education for an equal start” aims to support the initiation and development of local practices, based on the European Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. 
The European Quality Framework contains the most up-to-date topics related to current EU policies in the field of early childhood education and care and formulates clear recommendations on each topic. Created by Bureau Mutant and International Step by Step Association based on research and expertise, the European Quality Framework sets common standards for the quality of early childhood education services related to access, staffing, curriculum, monitoring and evaluation, as well as management and financing.

The training of ECD experts in early education and care in the European Quality Framework aims to create conditions for professionals for self-reflection on their own achievements and challenges, and to stimulate their motivation for change.  
Within the project framework, kindergarten representatives and non-governmental organizations are prepared to be trainers according to the European Quality Framework and to pass on their knowledge and experience to local educational institutions through training. Subsequently, these institutions work towards synchronizing their practices with the basic principles and guidelines of the European Quality Framework.

TSA implements the initiative in partnership with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation Bulgaria. Within the project framework, representatives of the following organizations are engaged as trainers on spot – “Club of Non-Governmental Ogranizations – Targovishte” Association, “New Way” Association – Hayredin, “Knowledge – Lovech” Association and The Health and Social Development Foundation (Hesed). The kindergartens included in the initiative are Kindergarten “Snezhanka”, Targovishte; Kindergarten “June 1”, Ruets Village; Kindergarten “Slanchitse”, Mezdra; Kindergarten “Detelina”, Mezdra. Ralitsa Popova (trainer) works with four kindergartens – Kindergarten “Svetulka”, Ugarchin; Kindergarten “Chervena Shapchitsa”, Lukovit; Kindergarten “Slantse”, Lukovit; Kindergarten “Tintyava”, Sofia. 

Other trainers also working on the project are two university lecturers – Dr. Darinka Kostadinova and Assoc. Prof. Elena Petkova, as well as Desislava Lyasova, who is a psychologist. They aid in spreading information about the European Framework and its application among students and academia, as well as among the experts from the civil sector in Vratsa, Burgas and Ruse.