Kalinka Vasileva

Kalinka Vassileva has worked for the TSA since beginning of operation in the Grant Administration and Support unit. Presently she is in charge of the “A Step Toward Success – English for Disadvantaged Youth” that was designed by the TSA and is being implemented in a partnership with NGOs and other institutions. In addition to project management, Kalinka is responsible for the project implementation and monitors and tracks progress towards stated goals and indicators.

Prior to joining the Trust, Kalinka was an Assistant Professor in General English at the New Bulgarian University (2006-2012) in Sofia and taught English as a foreign language to university students and adult and teenage language learners. From 2002-2007, Kalinka was Executive Director of the Equal Access Foundation and was in charge of developing and monitoring the Roma desegregation program implemented by NGOs in Bulgaria. As a result of the campaigns she initiated, the state endorsed a Strategy for educational integration of children and students from ethnic minorities. Kalinka has delivered a number of talks and speeches at international and national forums on Roma integration issues.

Kalinka holds a Master of Political Management from the Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, completed an MA program in Lingua Didactics at the New Bulgarian University, and has a BA degree in Applied Linguistics from the New Bulgarian University. In 1999 she was elected to take part in a one-year intra-university project for Intercultural Training organized by the British Council. Kalinka has taken part in a number of trainings related to human rights, advocacy and public speaking.