We Are Working for a Better Tomorrow

ТSA is a grant-making organization dedicated to reducing achievement gaps in early childhood development, education, and employment, with a focus on Bulgaria’s Roma community. Over the past five+ years, we have supported 240 projects, or on average 48 per year. Toward this end, TSA has partnered with 59 nongovernmental organizations throughout Bulgaria to reach more than 90 000 beneficiaries from under-served communities.

We support programs that, with integrity, scalability, and transparency, boost the long-term achievement of Bulgaria’s poorest, with a focus on the Roma, who comprise a large segment of the poor. This is achieved by supporting three key areas:

  • Early Childhood Development, with an emphasis on healthy parenting and increased participation in preschool
  • Educational Achievement and drop-out prevention for at-risk pupils, with a focus on improving school participation/learning and increasing graduation from high school
  • Access to income opportunities for at-risk groups, specifically job connection, entrepreneurship, and home ownership
  • Capacity building for local organizations, with an emphasis on financial accountability and data-based performance evaluation.

Our mission is to break the poverty cycle by promoting opportunities that help Bulgaria’s most disadvantaged citizens achieve educational and economic success.