If you wish to submit a whistleblower report about projects financed by us, please complete this form and mail it to the following address, marking your correspondence as “confidential”: Compliance Officer, Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, blvd. Patriarh Evtimii 64, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. Reports may also be made by sending an email to compliance@tsa-bulgaria.org; or by submission of an online Whistleblower Report Form.

Whistleblower reports may be made anonymously. Anonymous whistleblowers must provide sufficient corroborating evidence to justify the commencement of an investigation. Because of the inability of investigators to interview anonymous whistleblowers, it may be more difficult to evaluate the allegations and, therefore, less likely to cause an investigation to be initiated.

If provided, the identity of the person submitting this report shall not be disclosed without his or her prior written authorization, unless the disclosure is (a) to a law enforcement agency for purposes of a criminal investigation, or (b) pursuant to a subpoena or other circumstance where the Trust is required by law to submit such documentation.

Retaliation against persons that report compliance concerns are prohibited, and in and of themselves constitute a violation of the Trust’s policies. False claims and libel will also be treated with utmost seriousness, and recourse may be sought to the extent permitted by law.


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How frequently did the impropriety occur? Was it, or is it, ongoing? Please provide a date range, if applicable.

What specifically did the individual do or fail to do? (e.g., fraud, theft, embezzlement, conflict of interests, etc.)

What city or village? What division (if applicable)?

What are the suspected motives for the improper behavior – for example, how did the individual benefit? If others benefited, who are they and how did they benefit?

Was there a lack of controls, circumvention of controls, or collusion with other individuals? If you suspect collusion, please identify other parties involved to the best of your abilities.

Who else knows about the incident? Who can and would confirm your allegations? How can we contact them?

Please describe how and where an investigator can locate information to support your allegations and, if you already have such documents in your possession, please attach a copy. DO NOT attempt to obtain documents to which you have no right of access.