Capacity Building Program

TSA aims to reduce achievement gaps and to help disadvantaged families, youth, and children get the tools they need to succeed. This is a long-term goal, and it cannot be solved alone. Sustainable and scalable change requires strongly motivated, highly capable individuals and organizations working in multiple locations, in multiple sectors, throughout the country, for decades to come. In short, it is important that we create a movement of invested and engaged individuals and organizations with sufficient capacity to sustain operations and activities, to build public confidence in our results, and to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the beneficiaries we serve. TSA therefore invests time, energy, and resources into capacity building activities. This includes direct work with grantees; organization of thematic conferences, training events, and external speakers; creation and development of networks; and support to grantees and individuals to participate in external training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities. Additionally, we provide scholarships for participation in leadership programs and boost financial capacity through a Grantee Audit Fund.