TSA has launched the Nurse and Family Partnership – Bulgaria Program

The Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) was founded 38 years ago by Prof. David Olds.  Multiple randomized control trials have demonstrated proven results. Currently the program is being implemented in Australia, England, Canada, Norway, USA, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland, with similarly positive outcomes:

- improved prenatal health

- improved pregnancy outcomes

- reduction in injuries

- greater intervals between births

- increased maternal employment

- improved school-readiness

Presently the program is in its preparatory phase in Bulgaria, which involves translation and adaptation of the NFP methodology, manual, training modules and other training materials. In May 2016 we formed a program team that includes a program manager, nurses, midwives and health mediators.

To help achieve similar program results as in other parts of the world, the team will take part in series of trainings over the coming year. The first four-week introductory training was conducted by the Health and Social Development Foundation in Bulgaria. Ms. Ann Rowe, NFP’s international consultant and expert on strategy and interventions in early childhood development, has provided additional training in basic elements and methods of the program.  The next six weeks will include training by the Medical University in Varna, based on their curriculum developed with UNICEF.  The first round of trainings will end at the end of July 2016, when field work and home visiting with teenaged, pregnant, first-time mothers will be launched.