Team “Straldzha” Started the RoMoMatter Journey

Last Friday and Saturday were exciting for the TSA team that coordinates the RoMoMatter project. We got together with our partners from the National Network of Health Mediators and trained the 5 facilitators who will work with the group of participating girls. Our facilitators rolled up their sleeves and dived boldly into their first activities with the girls.

In the coming months we will introduce each one of the facilitators and you will learn about their work within RoMoMatter, their other professional and personal roles.

The RoMoMatter project is being implemented in the town of Straldzha in the months between January and November 2020 and aims to assist teenage Roma girls to go to school, finish their education and to empower them to dream and envision their futures.

More about the RoMoMatter project HERE.; 

Photos by Lyuben Piperkov