Second training for NFP family nurses

The team of family nurses (nurses and midwives) working on the Nurse-Family Partnership Project in Plovdiv, successfully completed a second basic training. In the course of a week, an international consultant from Great Britain introduced the team members to the foundations of the work on the project model concerning home visits with young mothers and their babies – from birth until their first birthday.

Part of the topics and exercises focused on responsive parenting practices, developmental needs of the child in the first 12 months, communication skills in providing specialized home health care.

The family nurses took part in various role-playing games, sharing their professional experience so far. It included home visits to pregnant women in Plovdiv under the age of 22 expecting their first child.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a project implemented by the Trust for Social Achievement (TSA) foundation in Sofia and Plovdiv since 2016. The model license includes testing and adapting the services with 200 at-risk families.