English program graduates from Roma communities are on track for a bright future

116 young students from all over Bulgaria received certificates for completing their English courses and graduating from TSA’s “A Step Towards Success” project.

It's not easy to find a way out of poverty. Circumstances are often difficult for these young people. In addition, many people around them  repeat the idea that nothing is possible. But a group of youths who have grown up in poverty are now proving the contrary. They have demonstrated that, no matter where you come from, great things can be achieved if you have a vision of where you want to go. These are the leaders of tomorrow from the Roma community.

The project began two years ago. 300 children were included in the “A Step Towards Success” project, managed by the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation in cooperation with the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the US Embassy in Bulgaria. The Arete Youth Foundation is one of the main partners.

One of the goals is for young people to study and learn English. But the primary objective is for them to have the opportunity to see that “anything is possible" and to be motivated to continue their studies and discover their own path.


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