Rumiana's Wish Helping Ohers Heal

Rumiana is from Byala Slatina. She is 36 and the mother of three. Until a year ago, her life was progressing as expected – she finished school and got married soon after.  
Rumiana has bigger dreams – she wants to help others heal by finding work as a midwife or a nurse. Encouraged by the health mediator in her community and supported by her husband, Rumiana became one of sixteen first-year university students supported by the Trust for Social Achievement through the Home-Visitors Scholarship project.   
This is the only scholarship project aimed at adult women who have finished high school, who have started families, and who want to work on their personal development. The project began with a campaign organized by the Student Society for the Development of Interethnic Dialogue (SSDID) to recruit candidates. Already in the first weeks, many were attracted, because they understood that the serious shortage of healthcare workers makes it nearly guaranteed to find a job guaranteed.  
“I want my children to be proud of me. For them to see that I’ve started studying despite my age. I want to see them tell themselves that their mom is now tackling online education, even though she had no clue about how to work with computers before”, says Rumiana.  
Another motive the participants bring up is their desire to help improve the quality of healthcare that the Roma community receives. “I want to work in our hospital in Byala Slatina. Many times, when I take my kids there, I see how people don’t receive the attention they need”, Rumiana adds.  
After taking part in intensive courses for university admission that lasted several months, the chosen candidates took the admission exams. Out of 20 participants in preparatory courses, 18 were admitted. At the moment they are receiving a scholarship that covers their university fees, textbooks, transportation and personal expenses.   
In addition to the financial aid, students receive mentorship from specialists who have already graduated and are currently practicing.  
The personal example of the women who followed their dream to graduate university will motivate more young girls and women from their social circles to follow in their footsteps.  
“Now it’s me telling the girls about the course and helping them apply”, says Rumi. In 2022 the TSA will support another 15 women with courses for university admission and scholarships.