Play To Have Chances

With this grant, TSA will support Association "Znanie" Lovech to introduce the program “Element of Play”, developed by Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), in “Slunce” kindergarten, town of Lukovit and in one community centre in v. Petrovene. 

The Element of Play model is based on play, reading stories and music with educational toys and materials, aiming at fostering the child's interest and ability to learn through play. The project foresees a) conducting practical sessions with children from 2 groups at the kindergarten, and 1 group of children at the chitalishte, three times per week (total of 50 children or more); b) 8 monthly sessions with parents (1 group of 15-20 parents at the kindergarten and 1 groups of 8 parents at the chitalishte), covering topics such as early childhood development milestones, the importance of play and reading.

The direct activities will take place between November 2019 and June 2020. 

By supporting the introduction of this program, we aim to improve the quality of educational practices in the kindergarten, serving primarily Roma children and to address lack of early educational opportunities in this remote village location. We expect children to develop a strong interest in attending an educational setting, thus preventing future drop-outs, as well as to develop their socio-emotional, language, motor, communication and other important skills.