Educational Achievement Program

To achieve its mission TSA supports innovative strategies and initiatives to improve the educational achievement of Bulgaria’s most impoverished children, with a focus on the Roma. We funds programs that aim to:

  • Reduce school dropout, improve attendance and academic performance, and increase high school graduation of students in K-12; and
  • Increase the quality of K-12 education and narrow the gap in academic achievement and high school graduation of impoverished students, and especially the Roma.

TSA works proactively to identify promising communities where an educational program is needed and has the potential to succeed and to engage community and nonprofit leaders to develop strategies to effectively improve the educational outcomes of impoverished and/or Roma students. TSA’s Educational Achievement programs aim to build a network of community actors, funders, and other stakeholders dedicated to dropout prevention, improved attendance and academic performance, and high school graduation of the Roma and facilitate opportunities to share best practices and develop local knowledge. TSA conducts research on successful models nationally and internationally and evaluates their applicability to the Bulgarian context to help identify innovative initiatives and practices.