Guidelines for Standard Grant Application

(above BGN 10 000)

To begin the grant application procedure, first send a short outline (not to exceed one page) of your project to This outline should include

Administrative Information

  • Name of the organization
  • Name of contact person
  • Address, phone, webpage, e-mail
  • Brief description of the organization (mission, aims, projects implemented)

Project Information

  • Brief discussion of project aims and objectives
  • Short description of implementation plan and activities
  • Anticipated outcomes (results)
  • Estimated budget and proposed project period

If your project outline is approved by TSA staff and forwarded to the next stage, then you will be required to submit the following documents

  1. Standard Grants Application Form
  2. Standard Grants Application Budget Form
  3. Grant Timeline Form
  4. Grant Goals, Objectives, Activities, Indicators Table Form

Additional documents upon request:

  1. Resumes of all people involved in the project management
  2. true copy of BULSTAT registration card
  3. True copy of the ID of the person in charge of the organization
  4. Declaration allowing TSA to process personal data
  5. A true copy of by-laws of the NGO
  6. True copy of the court decision for founding the organization
  7. True copy of the court certificate for standing issued not earlier than 3 months ago (as of the date when the application form is submitted)
  8. for Public Benefit NGOs: True Copy of Public Benefit NGOs registration certificate
  9. For NGOs registered in the US: IRS determination letter

If your project is approved by TSA, you will be required to submit the following documents prior to the first project disbursement

  1. Bank account information (newly opened for the purposes of the project)
  2. Disbursement Request form
  3. Certificate of no tax obligation from National Revenue Agency (issued in past month)
  4. Certificate of no tax obligation from the municipality (issued in past month)
  5. Real Owner Declaration
  6. Lack of Specific Circumstances declaration
  7. Source of Funds Declaration (for contracts > BGN 30 000)

Prior to following disbursements on the project, you will be required to submit the following documents

  1. Grant Narrative and financial reports
  2. Grant Indicators Table
  3. Disbursement Request form
  4. Additional documents upon request


TSA has the right to request additional organizational documents throughout the project review and implementation.

TSA is not currently accepting new project inquiries. Please check our website for updates on future open periods for project review.