TSA Operational Project: Springboard for School Readiness Experience Exchange 2016-2017

Experience Exchange

Year Area / Project Project Period
2018 Early Childhood Development / Ранно детско развитие Nov 2016 - Mar 2018

The Trust for Social Achievement continues to support the collaborative learning between the organizations partnering on the Springboard for School Readiness initiative. This learning takes the form of capacity building events held at different locations, during which we review the latest developments in the ECD field, discuss advocacy approaches and communication strategies, learn about our target public and how write for them in a compelling manner, as well as showcase best practices from within Bulgaria and abroad.


The expected results of the current project, which will support two network events, are an improved capacity of SSR network organizations to: advocate with national and local authorities for lowering the cost of kindergarten attendance; communicate their successes and calls to action to the general public; and present their successes to the media.