Club NGO Targovishte: Urgent Action to Keep Targovishte Kindergartens Free!

Urgent Action to Keep Targovishte Kindergartens Free!

Year Area / Project Project Period
2018 Early Childhood Development / Ранно детско развитие Oct 2016 - May 2017

The newly elected municipal authorities in Targovishte reinstated kindergarten attendance fees. This project aims to raise awareness about the effects of this reinstatement; to facilitate a broad public dialogue between municipal authorities, village and city communities; to capacitate members of kindergarten community boards to effectively advocate on behalf of the children; and to attempt to identify a pathway to remove the fees.

The project is co-funded by the Trust for Social Achievement (TSA) and Foundation Open Society Institute (Budapest). The total project budget is USD 18,417, which includes a grant from TSA to Club NGO Targovishte totaling BGN 4,310 and an in-kind contribution by TSA of BGN 2,000.