Helping Hand Foundation

Prevention through Early Education and Empowerment of Parents

Year Area / Project Project Period
2014 Early Childhood Development / Ранно детско развитие Aug 2014 - Aug 2015

Thе project is a follow-up of the project Prevention through Early Education that ended in July 2014. It aims at improving school readiness of children aged 4-6 by applying the Montessori method of teaching, increasing parental capacity to support early education and facilitating accesses to mixed schools for disadvantaged  children from two Roma neighborhoods in Dobrich. It addresses the problem of early school dropout among Roma children and builds on the results from the first project by further developing the parental skills program, inclusion of volunteers in the work with children and integrating disadvantaged non-Roma children in the pre-school service (who will comprise not more than 30 percent of all children in the project).