Equal Opportunities Initiative Association

Legalization of Roma Homes

Year Area / Project Project Period
2013 Family Economic Success Program / Икономическо развитие и достъп до заетост Mar 2013 - Mar 2014

The project provides support to Roma households in legalizing dwellings that meet certain safety and legal criteria. This unique window of opportunity was given through the latest amendment of the Spatial Act in November 2012. The project activities will also support an information campaign with detailed instructions on legalization procedures. This campaign will target 22 municipalities in Bulgaria, with large communities of predominantly Roma residents, and is expected to reach more than 11 000 Roma around the country. Additionally, the project’s core activity is the provision of more in-depth legal consultations and services to Roma households that occupy illegal dwellings, as well as to owners of the land plot under their dwellings. It is estimated that about 800 households will receive this legal assistance, with a goal to successfully submit all documents for the legalization process by the project’s end.