TSA Operational Project

Through the Grapevine

Year Area / Project Project Period
2016 Capacity Building/Изграждане на капацитета Apr 2016 - Sep 2017

The goal of the proposed project is to increase the capacity of TSA’s grantees to tell their stories to the general public. Engaging the public is a key component of building community and institutional trust, upon which all sustainable development is based. The positive feedback from publishing success stories should encourage grantees to increase the amount of information they share with the outside world. The expert support provided will increase their capacity to provide quality information in the future. The project consists of two “streams”. The first one covers the issue of 7 SSR newsletters with the SSR network members as authors of most materials. The newsletter is at the same time an advocacy tool for the kindergarten project. The second “stream” aims to cover all TSA grantees through the publishing of 9 (longer) stories written by grantees on a special, yet-to-be-created, section of the TSA website called “Through the grapevine.” Authors will receive expert support (journalist, editor, photographer) and will be compensated for their time and travel expenses. Moreover, all stories published on the TSA website will participate in an annual public vote, which we will conduct during summer 2017. As a result of this project, we expect to increase skills for story-writing and the visibility of the work grantees are doing.