TSA Operational Project

Grantee Audit Fund

Year Area / Project Project Period
2016 Capacity Building/Изграждане на капацитета Apr 2015 - Oct 2017

The goal of this project is to increase the capacity of TSA’s grantees to become financially sustainable by heightening grantees’ awareness of the importance of truthful and meaningful financial reporting and by bolstering public trust through improved quality financial statements. To incentivize grantees and to properly equip them to choose an auditor, TSA will prepare informational materials and hold a series of promotional events (to popularize the idea and to train). TSA will also catalogue as many auditors specializing or showing an interest in the nonprofit field as possible. TSA will offer to cover the cost of independent audits within reasonable limits. All grantees (and sub-grantees) with recurring grants from TSA that wish to hire an independent auditor may apply for funding under this program. As a result, we expect 5 or more grantees to significantly improve the quality of their annual financial statements.