Bulgarian School of Politics “Panitsa”: School of Politics Capacity Building Project 2017-2018

School of Politics Capacity Building Project 2017-2018

Year Area / Project Project Period
2018 Capacity Building/Изграждане на капацитета Nov 2017 - Jun 2018

For a fourth consecutive year TSA continues its partnership with the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitsa” (BSPP) to support two individuals to participate in BSPP’s highly competitive Management skills program. This year’s participants will be Silvia Stancheva, Center Amalipe’s regional coordinator in Shumen, and Zhivka Velizarova from Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion in Sofia. Both are of Roma ethnic origin.

The program provides knowledge and skills in the areas of political management and public policies, such as political process, developing and implementing policies at European, national and regional level, political communication, institutional development and media relations.

As a result of this capacity building initiative it is expected that the two candidates will improve their organizations’ capacity to influence local and national priorities focusing on Roma integration and improving of their socio-economic conditions. Additionally, the organizations will build their social and political contacts through continued participation in the School of Politics alumni network.