Procedure for the Selection of a Contractor Under Decision NO. 118 on May 20, 2014

Trust for Social Achievement is announcing procedure for the selection of a contractor under decision  NO. 118 on May 20, 2014, by a public invitation with a subject: computer literacy training within Find your way to the world of work project, bunded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Ares within the framework of  Youth Employment Program which includes contribution from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway aiming to promote quality employment which reduces the social and economic  inequality among youth in Europe and to contribute to contribute to the creation of a green, completive and inclusive Europe, with a contract number №2017-1-027

The maximum total amount of the announcement is 40 746 BGN (forty thousand seven hundred and forty-six BGN) without included VAT.

  • The maximum amount per participant must not exceed 814 BGN (eight hundred and fourteen BGN) without included VAT
  • The stated maximum budget is for the conduction of computer literacy trainings in the following cities: Sofia, Sliven, Plovdiv and/or Pazardzhik
  • For the implementation of the activities within the current procedure will be chosen one tender.

Locations of performance of the service: Sofia, Plovdiv, Sliven and Pazardzhik

Award criteria: lowest price

Submission deadline: 04/02/2020, 5:00PM

Address for submission: ul. Han Asparuh 22, Sofia, Bulgaria

The full text of the public invitation can be found here               


All documentation for the procedure, together with the necessary samples:

1.      Tender declaration

2.      Declaration- appendix offer

3.      Requirements for the Offers 

4.      Draft contract

5.      Public invitation

6.      Technical specification