In October 2013, TSA launched a new program “Springboard for School Readiness 2013/2014” with two pilot projects in the regions of Razgrad and Sofia. The projects aim to test the methodology of the nation-wide “Springboard for School Readiness” project that TSA will initiate in January 2014 in partnership with the World Bank and Poverty Action Lab. The program will evaluate the impact of different types of interventions to increase kindergarten enrollment and attendance amongst disadvantaged children. The interventions involve free access to kindergartens, providing financial support to families whose children attend kindergarten regularly, and information and mediation by a local social worker.

The implementation of the pilot projects is based on a Terms of Reference developed by TSA and their duration is from October 2013 to July 2014.

Prior to the launch of the National Program “Springboard for School Readiness” in January 2014, TSA will announce a selection procedure for NGOs from around Bulgaria.