October, 2105

For the second year in a row, TSA is continuing the implementation of its project “Springboard for School Readiness” with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. This year’s project includes 177 of the 236 settlements that were included last year.  Last year’s project set the stage for major impact evaluation, conducted by the World Bank with the support of Open Society Institute – Bulgaria. The intent of the evaluation is to demonstrate with reliable data which type of project intervention will have the greatest impact on kindergarten enrollment and regular attendance.

This year’s project differs in that it will cover free education for kindergarten children aged 3-6 for families living in vulnerable communities, but it will not continue to provide food vouchers for perfect attendance.

As in the previous year, project activities are conducted by local NGOs in 177 settlements. In addition to free education the project provides for medical checks for kindergarten enrolment and school textbooks and materials if requested in advance.