Student Society for Development of Interethnic Dialogue (SSDID) provides Roma willing to study fine arts with preliminary preparation for the university entrance exams

On 9 August 2013 a special commission of university professors and university admission consultants reviewed 15 and approved 10 applications for SSDID’s intensive pre-university admission program in fine arts under the Terni Zor (Youth Power) project – Comprehensive Support for Roma Youth for Equal Access to Higher Education – September Session.

 Besides reviewing the application forms the commission interviewed each applicant and if needed, asked him/her to perform. The spacious hall in the Boris Hristov Museum in Sofia, where the interviews took place, had a welcoming atmosphere for performance – the musicians were able to show their skills and talent playing the hall’s Byosendorf concert piano.

 The approved 10 applicants in fine arts are currently preparing for the September university admission campaign. Each of them will have 50 hours in exam preparation, and their administrative fee for the university entrance exam will be covered. The applicants who were turned down will still be offered other advisory and logistic support so that they can become eligible for admission to fine arts universities across Bulgaria.